Application management

Automate app packaging, patching and deployment

Regardless of OS and device type, Devicie can pack, deploy and manage all applications enforcing access control policies, monitoring user activity, and providing encryption visibility and other security measures.

Happier and more productive employees

Ensure a more consistent experience across the board not just for your end users but also your support team by automating the app management process from start to finish.

Improve security

Devicie's app management enables automated patching and packing, which means all necessary security updates are applied to each application, protecting your company's data and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Reduce errors, save time

By eliminating manual and repetitive tasks, Devicie also removes the possibility of errors associated with manual packaging and packing. And by automating certain steps, such as setting up the environment, configuring settings, and deploying the app, your team can save time.

Use our catalogue, or create your own

What apps can be managed through Devicie you ask? We have a wide range included in our back catalogue, but any bespoke applications required by your team can be added to the list.

Martin McGregor

The smart way to manage apps on employee devices

Manually managing apps on endpoints at scale is complex and time-consuming. Discover the smarter way to manage apps on end-user devices.

Martin McGregor

Meeting security challenges in the remote workplace

As we enter the post-pandemic world, it’s time to address how to meet security challenges in our new remote workplace. 

Jason Fairburn

Employee device management is winning over boardrooms

Employee device management is having a moment – it’s now a huge business enabler and a winning boardroom conversation.

How can Devicie streamline your app management workflow?