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Devicie has reinvented end user device security and management for organisations, empowering people to do their best work safely and productively.

Devicie is an advanced cloud-first platform for organisations, securely managing the lifecycle of every end-user Windows 10, macOS, iOS and Android device, wherever they are located.

Empower your people and maximise their productivity

Lengthy onboarding, service desk interruptions and security features frustrate and hinder your employees and IT teams. Device security done properly will be unobtrusive and won’t slow people down. Read Devicie Overview PDF

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Why a breaker of things became a maker at Devicie

From one hacker to another, Devicie is striding towards flipping end users from weakest link to strongest defence. Hacker is oft abused as a dirty word, so for context here I’m talking about offensive security, red team, or penetration testing. What we’re confronting is that making things is hard, but breaking things is easy (at least for folk like me). Read more

The automation engineer turned CIO, who never learned to take "no" for an answer

The best way to save time in business is to automate the tasks that take hours to complete. My philosophy is simple: if I must do something more than once, I would rather automate it. To automate, you must first understand how the task works. Read more

There may not be a silver bullet to stop ransomware, but there is a way to turn the cloud into a security opportunity

Cloud presents great opportunities, but the rush to get there also means organisations aren’t taking full advantage of its capabilities. Many businesses are simply moving what they did on-premises into the cloud, which is increasingly shown to result in inefficient and expensive outcomes when compared to a cloud-native strategy. Read more

Devicie and Microsoft Intune are an outstanding security combo

Devicie automates the customisation, configuration and deployment of Microsoft Intune across end-user devices. Devicie also leverages Intune to automate management and ongoing deployment of best practice security across devices. Both of these are achieved with minimum hands-on IT effort, timing delay and no agents required. Read Insight Paper

Solving the security versus productivity dilemma

It’s time to redefine best-practice security in terms of greater productivity and a better user experience. The current best efforts approach makes compromised devices a large target for cyber attacks.  Read more

The perks of virtual device enablement

There is a new opportunity for organisations to improve end-user security in the cloud. Removing humans from device management is a triple win for security, IT teams and employee success. Read More


PointsBet’s safe bet with Devicie

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Tom Rundle Headshot

Tom Rundle - COO

Devicie helped PointsBet reinvent employee device security for better protection from cybercrime, user experience and efficiency outcomes. Read case study

“Maintaining employee devices is no longer labour-intensive. Patching and security configurations are fully automated so we just don’t need to worry about these things anymore.”

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