Give the security team confidence devices are as well-protected as possible

Give your security team confidence devices are as well-protected as possible

Support a defense in depth strategy with best-practice device management. Quickly identify devices running operating systems or applications identified as compromised, and update or remove them easily.

  • Software inventory including version collected at the source (actual vs assumed)

  • LARS (Local Admin Reporting Solution) for administration privileges control

    “The challenge for us was keeping devices healthy and up to date quickly. It would have taken us at least 12 months to do ourselves what Devicie did in less than one.” – Simon Handfield, State Library of NSW

Automated OS patching

Devicie automates scheduled patching and maintenance across all your devices. This includes an automated process that tests updates with a trial group of users in your organisation before deployment across the fleet. Deployment is staggered to minimise end-user disruption.

App packing, packaging and management

Devicie deploys and updates apps so your end-user devices are always up to date. This includes applications managed by vendors, such as Microsoft and Apple, a back catalogue of third-party applications managed within Devicie and other bespoke applications required by your team.

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