End user experience

Make onboarding the best first impression

With Devicie, new employees can simply open their computers and get on with the job: painlessly, anywhere in the world, using their device of choice. No need for unboxing, reboxing and shipping, or a support team member next to them setting up their device.

High performing employees

By keeping all devices up-to-date, your employees have the most current software and hardware available, which will translate into better performance and increased productivity.

Security as a business enabler

Employees often flag IT as a major pain point, citing lengthy device onboarding processes, clumsy security features and service desk interruptions. Security is critical, but it shouldn’t stop people from doing their best work. Devicie allows you to deliver uncompromising security alongside an outstanding user experience.

Onboarding new employees and setting up their devices went from taking several days to just 30 minutes and their experience was improved dramatically.
Andrei Goutnik

Head of Technology Systems & Operation, PointsBet

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