A bit about us

Devicie is the brainchild of three engineers who shared the same obsession: solve enterprise security issues.

Our people

Devicie has many assets, but our most important one is our people.

We are made up of an extraordinary network of talented individuals who are passionate about cybersecurity and all its intricacies.

Our culture

At Devicie, work is not just a job, it's a thrilling adventure—an adventure where every one of us can do their best work, build their careers and learn from their peers.

We are passionate about what we do and are dedicated to creating an environment that embraces learning and fosters trust and innovation.

How we work, where we work

At Devicie, we have very much embraced the WFH way of working. Your workspace is where you decide!

While there are times when we need to connect and collaborate at the same location, our day-to-day way of working is remote-based and all the flexibility that comes with it. 

Our values

Professional excellence

We are committed to delivering an exceptional product with services that meet and exceed our customers' expectations.   

We strive for continuous improvement, innovation and approaches to create better solutions for our customers and the world.   

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and performance in everything we do.   


We believe accountability and ownership are the foundations of a successful business.    

We take ownership of our work and are responsible for our actions and decisions.   

There are no sidelines and no excuses. We are transparent in our communication with others.    


We value the importance of empathy in our interactions with customers, employees, and partners.    

We strive to understand and address the needs and concerns of others and to act with compassion and respect.    

We create a supportive and inclusive work environment where everyone feels heard and valued. 


We act with honesty, transparency, and fairness in all our dealings. We uphold high ethical standards and ensure that our actions align with our values and the best interests of our stakeholders. 

Work with us

At Devicie, we are always looking for individuals zealous about solving complex IT and security issues and are passionate about pushing boundaries.

We take pride in creating a supportive environment that fosters innovation and allows you to make a significant impact while doing the best work of your career. 

If you'd like to learn more or send us your resume, reach out!

Balance the Grind

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