Give your compliance team proof of device management controls

330+ security controls

Understand your performance against 330+ security controls aligned with CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks. Watch your compliance position improve, and ensure its kept in an excellent state in perpetuity.

Local Admin Password Solution (LAPS)

With device management via Intune, who needs local administration rights? Reduce users with local administration rights to zero. Leverage our Cloud LAPS (Local Admin Password Solution) for Windows and macOS. Easily identify unexpected local admins.

Attack Surface Reduction (ASR)

Best practice attack surface reduction measures re implemented consistently.

Automated security workflows

Devicie automates the deployment of layered security in line with best practice frameworks (like CIS, Essential Eight and Mitre Att&ck), as well as continuously reviews all devices, looking for configuration drift, non-compliance and potential exposures.

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Understand your compliance position with ease

See your compliance position with a click, and dig deeper to see how you can improve.