OS Patching

Automate how and when your fleet gets updated

Quickly and remotely deploy patches to multiple devices across different computing environments on schedules. Control when the patches happen, what devices get updated and enjoy real-time visibility of the status of your fleet.

Identify missed patches

As soon as your devices are enrolled, our dashboard gives you absolute visibility and true patch status of your environment and fleet, so you never miss a patch.

OS and device agnostic

If a device is part of your fleet, Devicie will automatically deploy the scheduled patch or update, regardless of make or whether it runs on Windows, Mac or any other OS.

Enforce update rings

Bring ownership of updates and upgrades back to the IT Team with forced and controlled deployments.

Reduce attack vectors

Devicie automatically updates your fleet with the latest security patches, bug fixes, and feature updates, ensuring every device operates in the most secure, stable, and efficient version possible. Patching helps protect against security vulnerabilities, prevents system crashes, and can improve system performance.

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