Save your IT team time, so they can get on with higher priority tasks

Intune configuration

Don’t spend a month, a year or more manually migrating to Intune, get set up in under a month with Devicie.

New Intune features and functionality are automatically leveraged as they become available.

Operating System patching and updates

Transition all devices to current operating systems and up to date with patches, without lifting a finger.

  • OS patches applied according to a customised patch ring schedule 

  • Deploy OS release updates (e.g. Windows 10 to Windows 11)

Application updates

Tired of falling behind on packaging and updating applications? Automate.

  • Catalogue of 300+ applications with automatic updates, typically updated within 48 hours of release

  • Updates packaged and tested before deployment

Zero touch provisioning

  • Provide devices swiftly, delivering an excellent employee and new starter experience whilst reducing downtime

Retain a stable & updated Standard Operating Environment (SOE) without a yearly maintenance project

Support working from anywhere

Ensure your team is equipped to work safely and productively whatever the circumstances.

  • Switch from working on site to working from home seamlessly

  • Provision fully configured devices quickly

  • Maintain devices easily and consistently remotely

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