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Devicie + Microsoft Intune

Device management demands regular maintenance: from OS patching and application updates; to local administration access; establishing and stabilising a Standard Operating Environment; provisioning new devices; and ensuring compliance with ever-evolving frameworks.

Traditionally, device management has been complex, time-consuming and difficult to keep on track. Advances in device management SaaS make automation, and the productivity, security and compliance benefits that come with it, available to more organisations than ever before.

Many organisations already have some of the technology required to automate device management. The market leader in device management, Microsoft Intune, is included in most Microsoft 365 subscriptions, including E3, E5 and Business Premium and as a standalone license.

Devicie is the quickest and most cost-effective way to unleash the power of Intune. Achieve rapid operational and security optimisation in organisations within days, not years, and ensuring sustained peak performance indefinitely.

Martin McGregor

Microsoft Intune helps Devicie reinvent end-user device security

Discover how Devicie leveraged Microsoft Intune to deliver a mix of security and productivity in a way that has not been possible before.

Martin McGregor

Drawbacks of managing your own SOE

Discover how organisations managing their own standard operating environment (SOE) are wasting valuable time and money.

Martin McGregor

Gain a competitive advantage with device management

Discover how your organisation can lift itheir device management game to provide a sustainable competitive advantage.

Devicie is the orchestration overlay that makes Intune robust and easier to deploy.
James Buzzard

Partner CTO and Strategist, Microsoft ANZ