Microsoft Intune and Devicie

Devicie and Microsoft Intune have a synergistic relationship. Intune is the foundation on which Devicie is built and Intune allows Devicie to deliver a mix of security and productivity in a way that has not been possible before.

A great security combo that is fast and easy to deploy

Devicie presents the potential for organisations to harness Microsoft Intune by automating its customisation, configuration and deployment across the fleet of end-user devices.

Devicie also leverages Intune to facilitate automated management and ongoing deployment of best practice security across your devices.

Both of these are achieved with minimal hands-on IT effort, timing delay and no agents required.

How Devicie enhances your Intune experience

Organisations with Microsoft 365 that choose Devicie for their end-user security management can easily take full advantage of Microsoft’s advanced security capabilities.

Devicie fully automates Intune and integrates with Azure Active Directory (AAD)

Devicie delivers automated, best practice, layered security natively via Intune

Devicie fully supports your organisational change processes, as well as your audit, security and operational requirements

Devicie optimises device security and management to improve your team’s experience and productivity