IT managers

How do you keep everyone productive and secure? Devicie automates the lifecycle management of every end user device, keeping your employees happy and secure.

Move your workspace to the future state

Devicie quickly moves your organisation to a productive cloud environment without expensive resources or lengthy delays. The Devicie platform automatically builds and maintains a secure SOE, so you don’t have to. Your modern workspace will be fully controlled and transparent to your organisation, without the risk of unmonitored black spots or human error.

A better experience for everyone

New, stolen or lost devices are all the same piece of cake

Enrolling, rebuilding or replacing devices is simple and fast. An end user connects to the internet, logs in with their credentials, and their machine will automatically build out an environment consistent with your organisation’s policies in minutes. Likewise, if someone loses or breaks their device, they can replace it themselves and be up and running within minutes.

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Onboarding Devicie to your organisation is fast and easy

It takes only hours to onboard Devicie, including your operating system, applications and security policies. This includes configuring and deploying Intune. To ensure your people are enabled and any potential issues are addressed before an organisation-wide deployment, we run a two-week production validation with your pilot group which requires minimal IT effort at your end.

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Easy and secure device endpoint management 

Devicie eliminates the need for an agent by leveraging Intune to natively manage end-user devices Microsoft, irrespective of the operating system or location. Devicie works on any hardware supported by Windows 10, iOS, macOS and Android. Devicie also automates the customisation, configuration and deployment of Intune across end-user devices.

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Resources for IT teams

How Devicie leveraged Intune to reinvent end-user device security

Download our paper to learn how Devicie leveraged Microsoft Intune to reinvent end-user device security and management.

The ultimate guide to secure application management

Get the guide to secure application management to discover a smarter way of managing apps on employee devices.

The essential checklist for removing admin privileges

Download your copy of Devicie’s checklist to discover the right way to remove admin privileges without hurting productivity.

Improve your IT team’s happiness and productivity

Employees will almost never need to call the IT service desk for their device – unless it’s to say thanks for a great device experience!

Devicie simplifies and reduces the cost and effort spent by IT teams on secure, well managed employee and team devices. Because Devicie automates the whole process, there are no additional resources needed for manual configuration or management of laptops, tablets or phones.  

At the same time, Devicie provides complete visibility and control across the entire end user device fleet, including application inventory, compliance status and warranty information. Devicie also provides security reporting with all configurations, updates, patches and privileged access information.

With Devicie, your IT resources can trust that end user devices are secure while ensuring maximum uptime and a positive user experience.