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Neurodiverse technophiles: working at Devicie

Originally featured in Balance the Grind.

Devicie is a fast-growing technology start-up that automates layered device security and management to ensure ongoing protection and productivity in the modern workforce. End-user device management is one of the biggest cybersecurity gaps and is particularly vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Devicie enables organisations to rapidly provision secure and compliant devices over the internet while giving their employees a frictionless experience across Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices. With Devicie, IT teams can automatically deploy and manage hundreds of security controls, including application and software updates, with absolute visibility, while ensuring high levels of productivity and efficiency along the way.

Our customers include PointsBet and Nine Entertainment Co. Devicie partners include Microsoft, Crayon, Somerville Group and Baidam Solutions.

Location: Device is headquartered in Australia and supports a remote expanded workforce. We plan to double the size of the team over the next year and increase our expansion into the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.

Devicie’s company culture

We’re a close working team with a huge drive to solve problems. Creatively finding solutions to complex problems and challenges is at the heart of our culture.

When we find a barrier or problem, we celebrate because it’s an opportunity to think outside of the box. We enjoy coming up with something new that has never been done before. We’ve demonstrated this by showing how to close the gap quickly on one of the most exploited vulnerabilities for Australian organisations, employees’ devices, in a matter of hours not years, by leveraging intelligent automation that supports and empowers IT teams.

Our structure has a flat hierarchy, and we provide a supportive and encouraging environment where everyone feels comfortable and has the ability to raise issues. The best idea wins, every time.

We benchmark success by how our technology performs and the benefits we provide to our customers. We are high achievers, and our culture is outcome-oriented. We are passionate about our mission, to show how Australian-built technology can dramatically improve the security of end-user devices around the world, reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and ensure businesses and employees can stay safe, productive and empowered.

Neurodiverse technophiles: working at Devicie

At Devicie, you are surrounded by a bunch of neurodiverse technophiles with big hearts and big minds. We have the most fun when we’re fixing things. When we solve problems together, we get in a flow state where everyone lights up and our creativity blossoms, so nurturing a creative environment is our priority.

We want to build things that we are proud of, and we value that more than from where and when our team works. Because of this, we’ve transitioned to being a remote-first company. We used to have an office but now have fully embraced work from anywhere, with full trust and flexibility and a focus on outcomes. We want to be a great model of successful remote working styles and are always experimenting with different approaches that suit our diverse team, their lifestyles and personal aspirations.

Company values

Our company values aren’t something we aspire to; they are things we practice every day:

Stop and think

By solving the same way you always do, you’re likely to end up reproducing the same outcomes. By taking the time to pause, you open the opportunity to come up with something new and better.

Share problems

We believe that broken things are opportunities. So, we vehemently protect the problem-solving culture that exists at Devicie and prioritise fostering a safe space to creatively challenge everything.

Stand in the shoes of others

Having empathy for our customers, end users and each other is critical to how we do things. We consider the impact our actions will have, either positive or negative, before actioning them, and constantly ask ourselves, “will this make things better?”

Bring a can-do attitude

We are a bunch of passionate technology advocates who believe that by challenging the status quo, we can grow individual ability, credibility and achieve great things together. So we take responsibility and try to get to problem-solving as soon as possible.

Work-life balance at Devicie

We believe that what we achieve matters more than how we work. I have a saying, “If I need to be your boss, it’s over.” We empower our team and require self-management. As long as we complete the work to the best of our ability, we don’t mind what else our team does in the other hours of the day.

With a completely remote team, we invest in technology and systems that facilitate as much automation across the business as possible and use tools that best support achieving a flow state when we work. Yes, that includes using Devicie across the board – it’s important to us that we are an example of how Devicie can facilitate remote work in a way that is safe, productive and low-cost.

Currently, we offer dedicated spaces where our team can have in-person meetings, workshops or planning sessions. We can support employees with an office close to their home if that model works for them, and we fly the team together when it’s needed and for events.

Employee benefits

Our people are driven and want to achieve, so we offer the maximum flexibility that supports whatever work-life balance means to everyone. Our team is free to structure their lives as they see fit, whether that means having offline time for the daily school pickups and drop-offs or for holidaying in a cabin in the wilderness.

Our remote-first model works because of the type of people we hire. We will hire the best people regardless of geographical location.

We’ve found that people who want to achieve something and are passionately driven to solve a task at hand achieve positive outcomes quickly and efficiently. It also means we keep meetings to a minimum so there’s more time to get into a flow state and tackle the big challenges.

Open positions at the company

We seek to double our headcount over the coming year so are on the lookout for passionate front-end and back-end engineers, marketers and UX-focused designers who want to help take a unique product to market.

Email us at [email protected] if this sounds like you.