Cloud-managed SOE

Consistent experience, at scale

Devicie automatically maintains a secure SOE, delivering a centralised platform for you to control and manage your fleet. This will dramatically increase your team's capacity, allowing your IT team to quickly deploy, manage, retire and rebuild devices, as well as keep track of device usage and performance, remotely, without the need to touch a single device.

Zero touch provisioning

Actually, zero touch lifecycle. Empower your team to manage and control all devices remotely, without the need to unbox, rebox and ship.

Incredible ROI

By streamlining the management of devices and ensuring that all endpoints are properly configured (remotely), Devicie ensures you company can reduce the costs associated with device maintenance as well as the need to have distributed support.

The ultimate allrounder

Devicie-managed SOE reduces the complexity of managing multiple endpoints, as well as the costs associated with IT operations relating to managing devices. Devicie delivers a secure and consistent environment across all devices, supporting multiple operating systems and devices.

Onboarding new employees and setting up their devices went from taking several days to just 30 minutes and their experience was improved dramatically.
Andrei Goutnik

Head of Technology Systems & Operation, PointsBet

Get started with Devicie

Learn how Devicie can help you streamline your device management process as well as give you absolute visibility of your entire device fleet.

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