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Behind the investment: Devicie – Intune-native device management & security

With the proliferation of connected devices, the explosion of best-of-breed B2B applications, and the increasingly dynamic types of working environments (from a public café to your home to your company’s HQ, and everything in between!) organisations are desperate for a unified solution to deploy, manage and update employee devices (and applications on those devices) no matter where they are:

  • By 2024, more than half of organisations will consolidate to a unified console for endpoint management and security tasks, which represents a significant increase from fewer than 5% in 2020.” – Gartner, 2021

As a result, major tech giants like IBM, VMWare, and others are clamoring to carve out a slice of the rapidly expanding UEM (“Unified Endpoint Management”) market, and to-date one leader has emerged significantly ahead – Microsoft. A critical piece of Microsoft’s dominance is Microsoft Intune, it’s MDM (“Mobile Device Management”) and MAM (“Mobile Application Management”) solution.

  • “Microsoft endpoint management (as I like to refer to System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune working together) is now managing more than 175 million Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.” – Microsoft, 2019

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and although Intune packs a punch in the right hands, it is historically very labour intensive to deploy and requires expertise to extract full value from the solution. Intune requires security engineers and IT support staff to set it up and manage it, while constantly ensuring applications are packaged correctly and that proper security protocols are in place for every end-user device. This is where Devicie comes in.

Built natively on top of Microsoft Intune and vendor agnostic across Android, Apple iOS, Windows and macOS, Devicie (HQ’d in Sydney Australia) has pioneered a new category of “Intune-native” device management and security. Devicie provides over 300+ out-of-the-box security protocols, policies, permissions and configurations designed in compliance with the Center for Internet Security (“CIS”) Critical Security Controls framework, as well as a catalogue of applications to automate provisioning, maintenance, and patching of end-user devices and applications. As a result, Devicie reduces the need for multiple vendors/agents to achieve cross-platform, holistic fleet management by unifying device management natively on top of Intune. This reduces the reliance on multiple point solutions while driving cost and time savings by automating historically monotonous and disparate IT and security workflows and by enabling organisations to streamline and unify device management:

  • Without Devicie I would need a few SCCM engineers for $130K per person – at least a couple of them just to set up and manage the Intune platform, and have people constantly packaging apps, making sure security protocols are in place, so I’d need security engineers and an IT support team, probably a half dozen of them. I would say Devicie is saving the company at least $1M a year. – Enterprise Devicie Customer with ~600 FTEs

  • With Intune and Devicie now I can dropship the computer to somebody wherever they are. When they turn on the computer and sign in with their O365 credentials that computer is configured. It’s all automated via a single set of credentials – that’s been really helpful.” – Financial Services Devicie Customer

  • “We are looking at about a $1.2M savings per year with Devicie via day-to-day management of the fleet and not needing to triple our team. We use Devicie for all computers – Microsoft, Surface Pro, Dell laptops, Apple – and the intent is to use them for our mobile devices as well.” – Enterprise Devicie Customer with $4B+ Annual Revenue

As for the genesis of the partnership between Insight and Devicie, the company first came on our radar when the team consisted of just the three scrappy and innovative co-founders – Martie, José, and Jason. The company was young but given Insight’s expertise in IT and security investing we immediately realised that the vision they were driving towards was certainly compelling and if executed correctly, a game-changer. We had our first conversation with Martie (CEO) back in November 2021 and the team’s expertise shone though; by February 2022 the business had grown quickly to 12 FTEs. By the end of ’22Q1 Devicie had scaled rapidly to $1M+ AUD ARR in less than nine months of commercialisation with best-in-class retention and an NPS of 100% – it was time for us to formalise the relationship and to take Devicie to the global stage.

We could not be more thrilled to be leading Devicie’s $10M Series A with participation from CyberCX, a leading Australian MSSP, and I personally could not be more grateful to serve as Board Director on behalf of Insight Partners. Now, post-investment we remain eager to double down on Devicie’s rapid commercialisation as they pave the future of Intune-native device management and security!