A guide to remove admin priviledges

Misused and unmanaged admin privileges pose a significant risk to your company.  

In fact, according to Forrester Research, at least 80 per cent of security breaches involve compromised privileged credentials.  

This is why ‘Restrict Administrative Privileges’ is an ACSC Essential Eight and one of the most important controls an organisation can implement to protect itself from detrimental and costly cyber-attacks. 

Despite being viewed as one of the most important controls an organisation can implement to achieve cyber resilience, many organisations struggle to remove local admin privileges effectively. 

This checklist is a must for anyone wanting to efficiently remove and manage admin privileges in a way that doesn’t get in the way of employee productivity, impact employee satisfaction, or burden your IT team.

This guide details:

  • The risks associated with admin rights and over-privileged users

  • The steps to removing admin rights and reducing those risks. 

  • A process for implementing least privilege without jeopardising productivity.

Craig Somerville

Challenging mindsets on admin privileges

Every organisation that cares about their team, their bottom line and their customers should revisit their local admin access controls.

Jason Fairburn

Removing admin privileges without compromising productivity

Removing local admin privileges is a critical step in achieving cyber resilience. Discover how to effectively implement least privilege.

September 12th, 23:00 pm

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