March 17th, 2:00 am
Duration6 hours

Workplace Ninja event in Sydney

On Friday, March 17, 2023, the first Workplace Ninja User Group event will take place in Australia.   

This is a unique opportunity to hear from world-class experts, connect with fellow IT professionals and gain insights into modern management practices. 

And, as a standout conference on modern management using Microsoft solutions, Devicie has jumped onboard as the key sponsor of the debut event, which will be held at the Microsoft Head Office in North Sydney 

If you are interested in attending, be sure to visit the Meetup to secure your spot. You can also visit the Workplace Ninjas Australia website to see the agenda and full list of guest speakers. 

The evolution of Workplace Ninja

Workplace Ninja Groups are the offspring of the Workplace Ninja Summit, which is held annually in Switzerland.  

The event is the brainchild of a group of IT professionals (many of whom are Microsoft MVPs) who shared a common goal; they wanted a place where they could share knowledge with the community and make Workplace Management with Microsoft Technologies simpler for everybody. 

The most recent event attracted over 600 attendees from across the globe, including Jose Schenardie—founder of Australia's Workplace Ninja Group. 

After networking with Summit organisers and volunteers, Jose was invited to bring the Workplace Ninja Group to Australia. 

Seeing this as a great opportunity to build the local community, share knowledge and give industry experts more public speaking opportunities, he did not hesitate in bringing the Workplace Ninja brand to Australia.  

''I've been a consultant for the past decade and a great part of my job is having the opportunity to share knowledge and implement cutting-edge technology.''  

Jose Schenardie

''While this is typically limited to customers, I am seeing the appetite for modern management exponentially grow and believe helping the community will also generate great value.'' 

Now here's a look at what's on and what to expect from the debut event: 

Guest speakers

The event will have three guest speakers and a panel discussion where seasoned professionals will share insights on their journey towards modern management.   

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn concepts and deep technical skills from the lineup of guest speakers—who have worked with Microsoft technologies for most of their careers. 

Steven Hosking 

Senior Product Manager at Microsoft and three-time MVP award recipient, Steven Hosking has spent over 20 years in the IT industry primarily supporting and managing System Centre products. Additionally, Steven has 20 years of experience in end-use compute management across internal, consultant, and now Vendo 

At the Sydney Workplace Ninja event, Steven will dive deep into why you should use the mantra “AAD ‘til you can’t” when talking about device registration into modern management, and how this relates to network, application and file server authentication. 

Jose Schenardie 

Chief Technology Officer and event organiser, Jose Schenardie has spent his career specialising in transforming complex security and compliance frameworks into scalable solutions that are business-driven and simple to manage.  

After using WDAC (Windows Defender Application Control) in enforced mode for the past six months on his daily driver, Jose will share his insight on how to work with allow listing and not against it.  

He will also go through the basics of Managed Installer and why it's a powerful asset when implementing allow listing. 

With the Australian Signals Directorate Essential 8 (ASD E8) starting to get more recognised and broadly required, Jose believes understanding and being able to implement the first essential (Application Control) greatly contributes to reducing the risk of cybersecurity incidents. 

Additionally, Jose will share how he implemented Application Control exclusively through Intune, the prerequisites, what works well and what doesn't along with some general tips and tricks. 

Benoit Hamet 

Solution Architect, Benoit Hamet, started his career as a Microsoft Official Trainer before becoming an IT consultant and working on various transformation projects.  

He is a 16-time MVP award recipient and has authored four books on Microsoft SharePoint (2003 to 2010). 

In his session, Benoit will discuss the history and evolution of device management utilising Microsoft solutions. 

He will also cover moving from “legacy” to modern management and discuss: 
• Options 
• Preparation steps 
• ROX (return of experience) 
• Best practices 
• Recommendations 


With such a lineup of speakers, attendees will come away with valuable insights and a wealth of knowledge. 

Beers and networking

The Workplace Ninja event is an unmissable opportunity for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in modern management. 

Along with hearing from like-minded professionals who are passionate about modern management, there is the opportunity to network with fellow IT professionals over a beer! 

Lastly, it's free to attend and only a half-day event! 

Friday, Match 17, 2023. 

It's a day to mark down your calendar. 

Register for the Sydney event via Meetup. 

You can also visit the Workplace Ninjas Australia website to see the agenda, full list of guest speakers and other upcoming events.  

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