How Devicie works

From Windows, macOS to iOS and Android, Devicie protects employees while maintaining a positive user experience,  wherever they work.

Your modern workplace as a service

Harnessing the power of automation, Devicie manages your modern workplace as a service, assuring uncompromising device security and compliance with operational efficiency and a fantastic end-user experience. By automating the rollout and management of your standardised desktop environment, Devicie liberates your IT team from mundane device management tasks, so they can focus on more strategic projects.

OS patching and updates

Devicie automates scheduled patching and maintenance as a service across all your devices. This includes an automated process that tests updates with a trial group of users in your organisation before deployment across the fleet. Deployment is staggered to minimise end user disruption.

Packaging and app roll out

Devicie provides application packaging and patch management as a service so your end-user applications are always up to date. This includes applications managed by vendors, such as Microsoft and Apple, a back catalogue of third party applications managed within Devicie and other business applications required by your team.

Positive experience

Empower your employee experience by automating the rollout and management of a secure, modern workplace. This includes self-onboarding by employees via the internet, device rebuilds in place and complete control and visibility for your IT team without the hands-on effort.

Intune as a service

Devicie works with Intune to deliver a mix of security and productivity in a way that has not been possible before. Devicie automates the customisation, configuration and deployment of Intune across the end-user device fleet as soon as new capabilities become available. Devicie also leverages Intune to facilitate automated management and ongoing deployment of best practice security across your devices, with minimal hands-on effort or timing delays.

Dashboards that provide 100% visibility

The shift to a hyperdistributed workforce has dramatically reshaped the threat landscape, causing significant challenges for organisations that lack visibility into the end user attack surface.

Devicie’s dashboards provide operational teams with complete visibility over every end-user device, including application inventory, compliance status and warranty information. Devicie also provides 24/7 management dashboards and security reporting with all configurations, updates, patches and privileged access information.

Turning ‘best efforts’ security into best practice

Devicie employs layered security in line with best practice frameworks, including CIS benchmarks, Essential Eight, Mitre Att&ck Mitigations, PCI DSS and ISO27001. The platform continually reviews the security posture of all end-user devices, looking for configuration drift, non-compliance and potential security exposures. Devicie then auto-heals and re-applies your organisation’s security settings, providing a complete audit trail of compliance. Flexible to meet your security maturity goals, Devicie’s benchmark is to maintain best practice security with an exceptional user experience. However, our solution can accommodate any security model required by your organisation. Devicie will effectively map to any compliance requirements.


The Devicie difference

Better use of time, money and resources is just the beginning.

Uncompromising security that doesn't jeopardise productivity

Ongoing compliance with the visibility and insights to prove it

Positive user experience with personalised and customised features

Rapid onboarding that gets users up and running within minutes

Savings at all stages, reducing the overall cost of device management

A modern workplace that enables business and productivity