End user experience

With Devicie, you can ensure uncompromising security against end-user device attacks while maximising productivity and business continuity.

Security as a business enabler

Employees often flag IT as a major pain point, citing lengthy device onboarding processes, clumsy security features and service desk interruptions. Security is critical, but it shouldn’t stop people from doing their best work. Devicie delivers a modern workspace as a service for your organisation, so you can achieve uncompromising security alongside an outstanding user experience. Move quickly to your future state with Devicie and make a secure, compliant and productive workspace business as usual for your whole team.

Reduce the risk of an end-user breach with minimal effort

Empower people to work safely and productively

Devicie was founded on the belief that security should be an empowering part of the way that organisations work. With Devicie, users can be onboarded painlessly, anywhere in the world, and work where they want, on their device of choice. At the same time, Devicie liberates IT teams from the mundane tasks, so they can focus on more strategic projects.

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Complete visibility and control across the device fleet

The shift to working from home has dramatically expanded the end user attack surface. Devicie’s dashboard provides complete visibility over end user device and application inventory, compliance status and warranty information as well as comprehensive security reporting. The dashboard is always up to date with a complete audit trail across the fleet.

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Rapid end user device onboarding from the cloud

Devicie’s validation and onboarding process is designed to be quick, simple and painless for customers. Following a two-week product validation in your environment, Devicie will help you optimise the roll across your organisation. Enrolling end-user devices is highly efficient, done from the cloud and with minimal effort from your IT team or end users.

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Improve your IT team’s happiness and productivity

Employees will almost never need to call the IT service desk for their device – unless it’s to say thanks for a great device experience!

Devicie simplifies and reduces the cost and effort spent by IT teams on secure, well managed employee and team devices. Because Devicie automates the whole process, there are no additional resources needed for manual configuration or management of laptops, tablets or phones.  

At the same time, Devicie provides complete visibility and control across the entire end user device fleet, including application inventory, compliance status and warranty information. Devicie also provides security reporting with all configurations, updates, patches and privileged access information.

With Devicie, your IT resources can trust that end-user devices are secure while ensuring maximum uptime and a positive user experience.