ISP reaches Essential Eight maturity on end user devices

An ISP with 80+ employees was operating in a hybrid environment, with a mix of cloud and on-prem infrastructure. The team was making incremental technology changes in an effort to modernise without overspending. 

Their existing systems were proving expensive to maintain and were restricting their ability to deploy, provision and manage end-user devices over the internet quickly and securely. 

Device security reinvented 

The ISP implemented Devicie and has since seen dramatic improvements in security, operational efficiency and user experience. 

Employee devices are now managed via Devicie in the cloud. The ISP has even started reselling Devicie to their own clients. 

A solution worth (re)selling 

Since implementing Devicie, the ISP has seen a significant and immediate security uplift. The company has successfully reached maturity levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Essential Eight security controls across end-user devices. 

What’s more, they’ve been able to remove admin privileges without getting end-users off side.  

Their tech team no longer spend time on device security or application management because the entire process is now automated. Meanwhile, the Devicie dashboard provides their team with complete visibility and control, simplifying reporting for compliance. 

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