Our mission is to revolutionise the working lives of employees – without them noticing us!

It shouldn’t be so hard. It shouldn’t take so long to get new employees up and running, or install upgrades on devices.

Devices are the means to an end; not the story.

Employees are no longer chained to desks. They work while commuting, travelling to meetings and from home. Yet, how we manage their devices has not kept pace. Organisations typically spend 5-10% of revenue trying to secure and manage user devices, but employees are still subject to frequent interruptions, frustrating interfaces and downtime.

Not only that, but the security and compliance measures applied to devices are not effective against today’s sophisticated criminal cyber attacks. Our workers and our data have never been more exposed.

Until now.

With Devicie you no longer have to compromise or choose between security and device efficiency. Your employees won’t know we’re there, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing all user devices are secure and you’ve given your employees a world-class environment in which to do their best work.

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Proudly participating in the 2020 CyRise accelerator program

The Devicie

Martin McGregor Headshot

Martin McGregor

Co-Founder & CEO

Jason Fairburn Headshot

Jason Fairburn

Co-Founder & COO

Jose Schenardie Headshot

Jose Schenardie

Co-Founder & CIO

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