Workflow efficiency

Unleash your IT Team's productivity

Devicie automates tedious, time-consuming tasks involved in the configuration, updating and maintenance of your fleet. This means that every single workflow relating to managing devices can be automated, therefore delivering more efficient results.

Automated OS patching

Devicie automates scheduled patching and maintenance across all your devices. This includes an automated process that tests updates with a trial group of users in your organisation before deployment across the fleet. Deployment is staggered to minimise end-user disruption.

No more unboxing, reboxing and shipping

Whether your company is spread geographically or you just don’t want to set up a device physically, Devicie enables your team to provision all devices remotely, at scale.

App packing, packaging and management

Devicie deploys and updates apps so your end-user devices are always up to date. This includes applications managed by vendors, such as Microsoft and Apple, a back catalogue of third-party applications managed within Devicie and other bespoke applications required by your team.

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