Visibility & Control

Real-time and actionable insights

Devicie’s cloud-powered dashboard gives your organisation a birds-eye view of your fleet’s overall state, helping your team identify and address potential threats and minimise attack vectors.

A proactive approach

Be better prepared to respond to threats and protect your end-users. Devicie's visibility allows you to proactively monitor your fleet and identify any potential vulnerabilities or misconfigurations that could lead to a security breach.

Put your strategy into action

Understanding your whole environment lets you build the roadmap and prioritise what needs to happen next based not just on gut feel or random mandates, but on the current state of your fleet and where you want to go next.

Hardware inventory and warranty management

When we say absolute visibility, we mean it! This includes not just patching status but also hardware information like serial numbers and automated warranty reporting.

Get the visibility you need with Devicie today

Get access to our dashboard and see for yourself what happens as soon as you start enrolling devices.