Why do customers choose Devicie?

There are many reasons customers choose Devicie, but the underlying reason is that they no longer want to compromise between security and user experience. Frankly, they are sick and tired of spending their IT effort, time and budget on not solving this dilemma. Devicie has made it possible for them to achieve their desired future state – with minimal hands-on IT effort, timing delay and no agents required.

Uncompromising device security

An in-built security management approach which is uncompromising, auditable and always on

Positive user experience

People can work productively from anywhere, on any enrolled device, without fear of being compromised or IT and security interruptions

Effortless remote IT management

Improved control and oversight, while removing manual configuration, security and management

Superior operational efficiency

Everything takes place automatically and optimally, with minimal human involvement and no agent required

Extensive compliance and operational reporting

Current and historical visibility across your entire fleet, including actionable intelligence, compliance status and reporting

Make uncompromising device security protection a seamless and empowering part of the way your organisation works.

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