Security versus productivity

Devicie has solved the productivity versus security dilemma with a cloud-native solution that empowers organisations to quickly improve their security posture while ensuring business continuity and a positive end user experience.

Understanding the challenge

When it comes to the dilemma of security versus productivity, there are three competing interests.

Employees wanting to do their job where they want, on their device of choice

IT and security teams seeking to secure the organisation and protect data

Organisational objectives looking to balance the two, while making a profit

Uncompromising security meets an outstanding end user experience

Challenge accepted, mission solved

Devicie automates layered security in a way that enables employees to do their best work. The platform works unobtrusively in the background, protecting end users within a closed, agentless ecosystem built upon Microsoft Intune. Employees no longer need to think about their devices, because they are always ready, up to date and optimally configured. Meanwhile, service desk personnel know that security is locked-down and can spend their time on more innovative tasks.

Devicie makes end user device security an empowering part of the way organisations work

Devicie eliminates the need for skilled IT specialists to manually access, configure and build devices for new employees. With Devicie, onboarding is a fast and painless experience that take places within a matter of minutes. Employees can be onboarded anywhere in the world to work productively, on their choice of device with the applications they need. Devicie automates upgrades and configuration, saving your skilled IT team from mundane and repetitive tasks, while providing 100% visibility for your IT team.