Instant Security Uplift

Automated compliance and reporting

Security starts with visibility and visibility starts with Devicie. Our platform gives your security team visibility of your entire fleet including current compliance status as well as a comprehensive audit trail.

Monitor admin privileges

Devicie allows you to see any unexpected admins to prevent unauthorised users from accessing and altering important data or settings on a device. By restricting local admin rights, you can help ensure that only authorised users have access to sensitive information and systems.

Device auto-healing

Devicie automatically restores a device to its normal working state reapplying security settings while maintaining a complete audit trail.

Automated security workflows

Devicie automates the deployment of layered security in line with best practice frameworks (like CIS, Essential Eight and Mitre Att&ck), as well as continuously reviews all devices, looking for configuration drift, non-compliance and potential exposures.

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