Enabling a secure, modern workforce for an industry association

An industry association was looking to simplify and modernise their technology environment after their existing standard operating environment (SOE) had proved too labour intensive and expensive to maintain.

The new technology environment would need to take into consideration a device management solution.

Security meets productivity

Instead of building a new SOE from scratch, the association implemented Devicie to natively manage and secure their employee devices.

Now they rely on Devicie to provide secure and productive infrastructure to support the their modern workforce.

Better security, reduced costs, big savings

Since replacing their legacy infrastructure with Devicie, the association has enjoyed a significant reduction in device management costs, including the costs of creating and maintaining their own SOE.

They have also gained an immediate security uplift; with Devicie managing their SOE, the association now has a completely standardised, ongoing and auditable environment.

All applications are now secured, deployed and managed automatically, and made readily available to approved employees via their own company portal.

The association also saw an increase in ROI on their existing Microsoft licences, without even needing to employ an IT engineer.

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