Device security is just the beginning: $2 million ROI and counting

A construction company was exhausting its budget and IT resources on trying to deploy, manage and secure devices for 5000+ employees across the globe. The existing toolsets were proving rigid, especially with the move to remote work, with employees reporting negative feedback and productivity loss.

A winning solution

With the Devicie platform, the construction company is now able to completely automate the security configuration and optimisation of employee devices, so their employees can work safely and productively from anywhere in the world.

The employees no longer use VPNs to authenticate or receive updates on their devices; the Devicie platform ensures devices are secure and ready to use from initial sign on, as all updates and patches are applied automatically in the background.

Security benefits are just the beginning

Since onboarding Devicie, the company has identified a massive $2 million per year in ROI plus further savings. They have dramatically reduced the use of the Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM), freeing their highly skilled IT resources to focus on the value-generating projects to fuel the company’s strategic growth.

The Devicie platform streamlines and automates much of the work associated with Microsoft Intune, simplifying policy configuration while ensuring complete visibility and control from the one dashboard.

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