Case Study: PointsBet’s safe bet with Devicie

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Discover how Devicie helped PointsBet reinvent employee device security to provide better protection from cybercrime alongside a better user experience and better efficiency outcomes.

When PointsBet accelerated its growth within the online gambling industry, they knew they needed to rethink their approach to employee device enablement.

In 2019 PointsBet adopted Devicie, a cloud-based solution which has reinvented device security, quickly lifting their security maturity, providing a fantastic employee experience and gaining massive efficiency outcomes for the business.

The IT team now spends almost no time solving employee device issues, leaving them to focus on more strategic security and IT challenges to help drive PointsBet’s stellar global growth and success.

Key outcomes

Devicie’s solution quickly helped PointsBet to streamline their device security and management by establishing an automated Standard Operating Environment (SOE) via Microsoft Cloud.

New employee onboarding

Deployment reduced from several days to 30 minutes, and no longer needs any hands-on IT assistance.

Happy employee experience

In the past 12 months there have been no IT service desk requests about device management or security.

Uncompromised security 

Patching of devices, operating systems and applications are now automated.

Operational efficiency

Employee device management is now something that happens automatically and optimally.

The onboarding process was so simple that it felt too good to be true! Devicie’s functionality was way ahead of other technologies.

- Andrei Goutnik,
Head of Technology

Maintaining employee devices is no longer labour-intensive. Patching and security configurations are fully automated so we just don’t need to worry about these things anymore.

- Tom Rundle ,

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