Case study: Automating employee device security to keep pace with business growth

The security challenges of a growing workforce

When your business experiences hyper distributed growth, how do you rapidly scale security and productivity across all your employee devices?

How do you gain visibility and control to combat cyber threats?

How do you ensure ongoing compliance and a positive employee experience?

How do you onboard new hires rapidly across devices, anywhere in the world?

Watch what happened when PointsBet took a punt on Devicie.

Device security reinvented, for a better future

Devicie automates the security and management of end-user devices at scale in a way that keeps everyone happy and productive.

A winning solution

When PointsBet accelerated its growth within the online gambling industry, they knew they needed a scalable solution for employee device security and enablement.

By leveraging the Devicie platform, PointsBet was able to streamline its device security and management across employee devices by establishing an automated Standard Operating Environment (SOE) via Microsoft Cloud.

Today, PointsBet completely automates device security and management across employee devices, regardless of device type and location. The company has significantly lifted its security maturity and can provide a positive end-user experience.

Meanwhile, the IT team now spends almost no time solving employee device issues, leaving them to focus on more strategic security and IT challenges to help drive PointsBet’s stellar global growth and success.

30 mins for complete automated end-user device deployment

ONE new helpdesk hire despite employee growth of 400%

ONE pane of glass to view complete device inventory

ONE very happy, secure and productive distributed workforce

300+ security controls already set prior to first log on

ZERO tickets raised about device security or management

It was transformational. After company-wide roll out, onboarding new employees and setting up their devices went from taking several days to just 30 minutes. Devicie’s functionality was way ahead of other technologies.

- Andrei Goutnik,
Head of Technology Systems & Operations

In the first 12 months after device roll out, we had not one single IT service desk request about device management and not a single end-user security incidence since.

- Andrei Goutnik,
Head of Technology Systems & Operations

All our end-user devices are now 100% compliant, they’re always up to date and they can all be managed from the one dashboard.

- Andrei Goutnik,
Head of Technology Systems & Operations

Maintaining employee devices is no longer labour-intensive. Patching and security configurations are fully automated, so we don’t need to worry about these things anymore.

- PointsBet,
Chief Information Officer

About Devicie

Devicie automates best practice security on end-user devices in a way that provides a radically better enablement and management experience for employees and IT teams. We have solved the security versus productivity dilemma for end-user devices with a cloud-native solution that delivers a modern workplace as a service.

Best practice device security

Positive end-user experience

Superior operational efficiencies

Effortless remote IT management

Extensive compliance reporting

Discover the ROI for your organisation with Devicie

Book an obligation-free demo with Devicie to see how our cloud-native platform can address your device security and management priorities, and deliver a tangible ROI for your business.

See how Devicie:

  • Automates layered security as a service across your end-user devices
  • Provides a standardised desktop environment as a service
  • Integrates with Intune to ensure ongoing compliance
  • Provides visibility, control and extensive compliance reporting
  • Enables productivity while generating business efficiencies.

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