PointsBet's safe bet with Devicie

Devicie helped PointsBet reinvent employee device security for better protection from cybercrime, a better user experience and better efficiency outcomes.

  • New employee onboarding - deployment reduced from several days to 30 minutes, and no longer needs any hands-on IT assistance
  • Happy employee experience – in the past 12 months there have been no IT service desk requests about device management or security
  • Uncompromising security and compliance –all on-going patching of devices, operating systems and applications, plus configuration of settings, now takes place automatically, without any human or agent involvement
  • Operational efficiency –employee device management is now something that happens automatically and optimally.

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“Maintaining employee devices is no longer labour intensive. Patching and security configurations are fully automated so we just don’t need to worry about these things anymore.” – Tom Rundle, PointsBet CIO

Devicie manages the lifecycle of every end user Microsoft, iOS, macOS and Android device, wherever it is being used.

  • Automates and leverages the power of Intune without requiring any customisation
  • All provisioning, packaging and on-going patching of devices, operating systems and apps, plus the configuration of settings, takes place automatically without human or agent involvement
  • If a device is lost, damaged or stolen, a new device can be automatically authenticated and provisioned

IT has complete control and oversight of the device fleet, including actionable intelligence and an extensive compliance view.

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Devicie has reinvented device security, for a better future. Better security. Better end-user experience. Better operational efficiency.

Uncompromising device security
– an in-built security management approach which is uncompromising, auditable and always on

Positive user experience
– people can work productively from anywhere, on any enrolled device, without fear of being compromised or IT and security interruptions

Effortless remote IT management
– improves control and oversight while removing manual configuration, security and management

Superior operational efficiency
– everything takes place automatically and optimally, without human or agent involvement

Extensive compliance and operational reporting
– up-to-date visibility across the entire fleet, including actionable intelligence, extensive compliance status and reporting

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Turning best efforts device security into best practice

Devicie’s approach to end user security management automatically deploys standards, processes and controls across your entire device fleet.

This not only ensures critical security risks, such as applications and patches, are always up to date, but it also removes the potential for any gaps and human error that inevitably comes with a manual maintenance process.

Devicie’s automated security approach has three key elements:

  • Deployment of layered security in line with best practice frameworks
  • Continually reviewing the security posture of all devices, looking for configuration drift, non-compliance and potential security exposures
  • Auto-healing and re-application of security settings, providing an audit trail

We’d love to help you level up your end user security in a way that saves money and provides an exceptional user experience. Ask us anything! 

Make uncompromising device security protection a seamless and empowering part of the way your organisation works.

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