Devicie overview on-demand webinar

Solve your security versus productivity dilemma

This on-demand webinar deep dives into how Devicie’s workplace as a service solution solves many of the key challenges organisations face with end-user device security and management. Co-founders CEO Martin McGregor and COO Jason Fairburn will show you how Devicie’s cloud-native platform delivers uncompromising security and operational efficiency alongside a fantastic user experience. We all know that security and productivity need to co-exist to mitigate risk. See how Devicie enables both with complete visibility and control.

Either kick back for the full 40-minutes or fast-forward to the part you’re most interested in; we’ve provided the timestamp and topic to make it super easy for you.

Webinar content per timestamp

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01.00     Devicie’s vision and approach (Slide 3)
02.15     Threat landscape (Slide 4)
04.58     End-user device challenges (Slide 5)
08.34     Mission Possible: Security and productivity (Slide 6)
09.13     The Future State of end-user device management (Slide 7-8)
14.08     What is Devicie? (Slide 9)
20.25     Outcomes – the Devicie difference (Slide 10)
24.39     Best-practice security (Slide 11)
26.38     Onboarding Devicie (Slide 12)
29.54     Demo
35.55     Who benefits most from Devicie (Slide 14)
38.48     Key take-aways (Slide 15)
41.30     Thank you and Contact us (Slide 16)