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Solve your security versus productivity dilemma

When it comes to employee devices, businesses have long battled the security versus productivity dilemma. It can feel like an impossible choice, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

This on-demand webinar deep dives into how Devicie’s workplace as a service solution solves many of the key challenges organisations face with end-user device security and management. Co-founders CEO Martin McGregor and COO Jason Fairburn will show you how Devicie’s cloud-native platform delivers uncompromising security and operational efficiency alongside a fantastic user experience. We all know that security and productivity need to co-exist to mitigate risk. See how Devicie enables both with complete visibility and control.

Either kick back for the full 40-minutes or fast-forward to the part you’re most interested in; we’ve provided the timestamp and topic to make it super easy for you.

Webinar agenda:

  • Intro to Devicie
  • Solving the security vs productivity dilemma
  • End user compute (EUC) maturity
  • Moving to your future state with Devicie
  • Your new business as usual.

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Finally, a security solution that enables business

From Windows, macOS to iOS and Android, Devicie delivers a modern workplace as a service across all your end user devices, wherever they are located. By harnessing the power of automation, Devicie ensures ongoing security and compliance while providing a radically better end-user experience and superior operational efficiency.


Security AND productivity

Devicie is designed to maximise end-user device uptime and work unobtrusively in the background. With Devicie, employees can be onboarded painlessly, anywhere in the world, and work where they want, on their device of choice. 

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Superior operational efficiency

Devicie automates end-user device security where it makes sense, liberating your team from tedious, repetitive IT tasks. Finally, your talented resources can focus on more strategic projects, knowing security is locked down.

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Uncompromising security

Devicie automatically deploys security against best-practice frameworks, including CIS, ASDE8, PCI DSS and ISO27001. Devicie reviews the security posture of all end-user devices and automatically rectifies any potential exposures.

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Case in point

Discover how PointsBet leveraged Devicie’s platform to reinvent their device management in the cloud for better security, employee experience and efficiency outcomes.

Better use of time, money and resources is just the beginning

Uncompromising security that doesn't jeopardise productivity

Ongoing compliance with the visibility and insights to prove it

Positive user experience with personalised and customised features

Rapid onboarding that gets users up and running within minutes

Savings at all stages, reducing the overall cost of device management

A securely distributed workforce that enables business and productivity