Devicie FAQ

Devicie is a SaaS-based solution that automates end-user device security in such a way that user productivity and security are both prioritised. User experience is paramount to achieving the best security outcomes, so we test and retest every step to ensure the platform delivers a consistent, positive user experience. 

Any new customer goes through a two-week product validation to ensure they can trust Devicie’s automation works in their environment and delivers the outcomes they need. After that, every employee’s device can be onboarded quickly and painlessly, anywhere in the world.  IT teams are liberated from manual configuration and have better control and visibility over the fleet. End users have a great experience.

Devicie works on any hardware supported by Windows 10, macOS, iOS and Android. 

Devicie has an extensive dashboard that provides IT teams with visibility over device and application inventory, compliance status and warranty information as well as numerous operational reports.

Devicie also provides comprehensive security reporting across the end-user fleet, with all security configurations, updates, patches and privileged access. The dashboard shows both the current and historical status of every enrolled device and can be viewed at a macro or individual device, application, policy, or geographic level.  

Devicie scales to meet the needs of small, medium and large organisations. No matter what size, pace of growth, team member distribution or device type, Devicie will provide a standardised, secure workspace that enables your people to work productively and securely, with a flexible and positive end-user experience.

The process of enrolling new devices with Devicie is simple and fast. New employees can receive their device locally, connect to the internet, log in with their credentials, and their machine will automatically build out an environment consistent with your organisation’s policies and their role. This can take place no matter where they are and all within a matter of minutes.

If an employee loses their device or it is broken, they can replace the device and be up and running within minutes. If their device is compromised in some way, Devicie can remotely rebuild it to a known state at the press of a button by IT.

Devicie takes organisations to the future state, rapidly, no matter where they currently are on the End User Compute security model. This means organisations leveraging the cloud as their employee or team workspace have ongoing security and management of every end-user device, regardless of the location.

Devicie is a cloud-first technology and many of our systems and capabilities exist to help customers to quickly and easily migrate from legacy IT systems to the cloud. 

Most employee device management solutions offered in the market build their own solution which requires an agent on every device. Devicie thought differently about the challenge, and decided to leverage Microsoft InTune’s powerful native capability and extend that into the most advanced, complete and reliable end user security management solution. Because of this approach, Devicie’s outcomes are unmatched by any other end user device security solution, even custom-built ones.  Our solution ensures every end-user device is always 100% up to date, compliant and visible to your organisation.

This increased control, security and visibility is possible because Devicie does it in the same way every time, always maintaining the most up-to-date security protocols, applications, patches and policies.   

Agent endpoint management requires a third-party agent to be installed on both the server and the end-user device, allowing IT administrators to physically image, monitor and configure individual devices. 

Agentless device endpoint management is a more modern approach, relying on native protocols embedded in device hardware or software, which relays information to a cloud-based platform that monitors and manages that device virtually. 

The best example of this is Microsoft Intune, an in-built element of the Windows 10 operating system, which Devicie leverages as an integral part of our solution. Devicie digitally integrates Intune, removing the need, risk and cost of engaging skilled IT teams or consultants to configure and implement it for you.

Devicie’s expert team have unique and complimentary experience helping organisations to build and secure standard operating environments, manage large fleets of devices, protect company and employee sensitive data, comply with complex regulation and legislation, and defend against cyberattacks. They understand why and how user experience must not be a casualty of security requirements.

Device automates the many processes, policies and tools underpinning end user device management and security at scale. It used to take a long time to package and deploy a new application, but that is not the case with Devicie. We take a bespoke app, automate it within Devicie, then share the latest version with all end users, or the group of end users an organisation wants to give access to. This can happen in minutes or hours, instead of days, weeks and months.

A key element of Devicie’s solution is automating and leveraging the power of Microsoft Intune without requiring any customisation. This means the power of Intune is easy to access, and that all provisioning, packaging and on-going patching of devices, operating systems and apps, plus the configuration of settings, takes place automatically with minimal human involvement and no agents required.

Many solutions already exist in the market to manage server security. Devicie’s focus is addressing the challenges of remote workers and applying meaningful security to teams working in the cloud. We do this because this is exactly where organisations and end users are facing the greatest exposure to cybercrime. Static systems that don’t move, such as servers, do not present the same security challenges for organisations.

If organisations can take away the time-consuming effort involved in managing end user device security effectively, they have more time and resources to focus on server security and other security issues.

Device’s expert team have spent many decades understanding the complexities of building, managing and securing the widest range of SOEs and employee devices. We have done this across many high risk industries and against a ever-increasing threat landscape. Although every organisation is unique, many of the complex processes and tasks involved in building, securing and maintaining a modern workspace are the same.

Devicie’s platform automates this combined expertise, and leverages the power of Microsoft Intune to natively deploy uncompromising security across end user devices with minimal human involvement and no need for an agent. Devicie lifts security maturity to a level that would literally take an organisation years to achieve by themselves, even with skilled experts on the job. On top of that, Devicie keeps every end-user device secure, compliant and productive, with a fantastic end user experience.  

Devicie doesn’t require an agent because it leverages MS Intune to natively manage end user devices, irrespective of the operating system or location. Devicie works on any hardware supported by Windows 10, iOS macOS and Android.  Devicie’s automated end user security management solution has no need for configuration or manual support from your IT team and manages every machine without an agent. Benefits of Devicie’s agentless management include:

  • Greater control and visibility over compliance and security issues, making it faster and easier to mitigate threats as they arise.
  • No ‘blind spot’ of unmanaged machines
  • Significantly removing mundane and repetitive tasks from IT
  • Instead of the user having to set up and manage their own devices, Devicie does it for them – the same way, every time, with the most up-to-date security, applications and policies.

Devicie will measurably improve any organisation’s security posture, end user experience and operational efficiency around employee and team device management. We have built our extensive IT infrastructure and device security and management expertise into one powerful, automated platform that centralises and streamlines the enablement and ongoing management of the entire device fleet to ensure best practice security with an exceptional user experience. Central to Devicie’s unique approach are:

  • Automated layered security: an in-built best practice security management approach that is unobtrusive, auditable and always on
  • User-centricity: an intuitive and efficient way for organisations to secure and manage employee devices while ensuring a fantastic user experience
  • Reporting and transparency: 24/7 management dashboards and reporting, detailing the percentage of security compliance at the device, employee, department, operating system, applications, policy and geographical levels.

Devicie’s approach and powerful cloud-first platform removes the requirement for expensive IT resources to build, maintain and secure your corporate IT infrastructure. IT and security teams can focus on strategic security and IT issues, and value-creation technology opportunities, leaving Devicie to maintain an up-to-date, secure SOE across every end user device. Devicie’s infrastructure-as-a-service is always-on, completely transparent and without the risk of human error.

Devicie simplifies and automates end user security and management across both company-owned and employee-owned devices. It does this in a timely fashion, without interrupting workflow, and with almost no effort from the IT team. Any approved device joined to an organisation will be automatically set up and securely managed by Devicie. Every enrolled end user device is always 100% visible to the IT team, with the operating system and applications kept up to date and compliant.

It is possible to restrict devices from logging in, from anywhere in the world, if they don’t meet your requirements. For example, if someone is jumping into a family laptop that is not enrolled with Devicie, they will not be able to access corporate data.

Devicie has leveraged Microsoft Intune to automate the deployment and ongoing management of best practice security and management natively to end user devices. This approach provides radically better security outcomes and a much more positive end user device experience, without the need for hands-on IT configuration or support. Devicie’s solution:

  • Automates the customisation, configuration and deployment of Intune across your fleet of end-user devices.
  • Leverages Intune to natively deliver deployment and ongoing management of best practice security across your device fleet.
  • Fully automates Intune and integrates with Azure Active Directory (AAD).

Microsoft Intune has powerful cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) capabilities. However, it is not an out-of-the-box solution, rather, it is an enabling technology, much like an ERP solution where the value is gained after extensive customisation. This is a recognised challenge for many organisations. Intune is both costly and time-consuming to configure and maintain and requires significant IT planning and resources for its effective set-up.

Devicie changes the potential for organisations to harness Intune by automating the customisation, configuration and deployment of Intune across your fleet of end-user devices.  As well, Devicie leverages Intune within our own solution to facilitate the automated management, ongoing deployment of best practice security across all your devices. Both of these are quickly achieved without consulting fees, agents, hands-on IT effort or timing delay.

Devicie leverages Intune’s powerful native capability, so we would include your Intune license as part of Devicie enablement. You wouldn’t need to think about it, worry or do anything about it – however, it is a fundamental part of Devicie’s solution, whatever devices or operating systems you support within your organisation.

Devicie’s solution is priced per user per month. Each user can have up to five devices each. There is also a small monthly fee for packaging, deploying and managing each application. This is charged per organisation, no matter how many users access the application.

The Devicie platform works hand-in-hand with other security solutions, and in fact it will help organisations to maximise their existing investments by saving manual hands-on IT effort. For example, Devicie automatically deploys EDR and antivirus software alongside our own capabilities to all end-user devices, saving IT teams potentially days of manual effort. As a result, when an end user takes their new device out of its box, it’s already set up, secure, up to date and optimised to their mode of working, and they can start working immediately.

Devicie also provides comprehensive reporting and intelligence via the Devicie dashboard. This allows organisations to have complete visibility over the deployment status as well as compliance and to identify any potential security gaps.

Being completely agentless and cloud-native, our platform can significantly benefit organisations wanting to maximise the skills and capabilities of their IT resources and technologies. And while none of our security layers are compulsory, organisations can decide where they would most benefit from our automated capabilities – including patching and local administrative privilege management – to build a more robust and layered security model.

Devicie applies MDM policies supported by Android and Apple iOS, allowing organisations to manage and secure corporate and personally-owned devices from a single view. Devicie also supports kiosk mode for organisations that need to provide devices to customers or in scenarios where they might share devices. Our dashboard also provides complete visibility of all device inventory as well as reporting, so organisations can prove their compliance.