The future of device management is a place where security meets
end-user experience

Download your how-to guide to learn how you can make device security work for your employees, organisation and bottom line

Organisations perform their best when their security works with their employees, not against them.

The future of end-user device management must be a place where security meets productivity. Employees need a consistent environment where uncompromising security matches a positive end-user experience; where compliance is seamless and ongoing; and where a modern workspace sets employees up for success.  

Mission Possible how-to guide to reinventing device security

Download our how-to guide to understand how you can reinvent your device management to get to a state where uncompromising security is an enabler of productivity, business success and an enriching user experience.

Device security reinvented, for a better future

Devicie enables organisations to accelerate their transition to the future state.

Security AND productivity

Devicie is designed to maximise end-user device uptime and work unobtrusively in the background. With Devicie, employees can be onboarded painlessly, anywhere in the world, and work where they want, on their device of choice. 

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Superior operational efficiency

Devicie automates end-user device security where it makes sense, liberating your team from tedious, repetitive IT tasks. Finally, your talented resources can focus on more strategic projects, knowing security is locked down.

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Uncompromising security

Devicie automatically deploys security against best-practice frameworks, including CIS, ASDE8, PCI DSS and ISO27001. Devicie reviews the security posture of all end-user devices and automatically rectifies any potential exposures.

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