Security professionals

How do you deliver uncompromising security without jeopardising productivity? Devicie automates deployment of best practice security in a way that enables business.

See, manage and secure every end-user device, wherever they are

Devicie delivers uncompromising security while providing a radically better user experience and superior operational efficiency by:

  • Automating deployment of layered security in line with best practice frameworks, including CIS
  • Continually reviewing all devices, looking for configuration drift, non-compliance and potential exposures
  • Auto-healing and reapplying security settings while maintaining a complete audit trail.

Give your teams uncompromising security they don’t even notice

Security that enables business

Devicie is designed to maximise device uptime and work unobtrusively in the background. Your employees no longer need to think about their devices, because they are always ready, up to date and configured precisely to suit their mode of working. Meanwhile, your skilled IT team know that security is automated and locked-down, and can focus their efforts on more innovative tasks.

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Security where it makes sense

Devicie automates end user device security where it makes sense, liberating your team from repetitive IT effort. With Devicie, all provisioning, packaging and patching of devices, operating systems and applications takes place automatically through the platform. Devicie also automates Intune configuration and device upgrades while providing complete visibility and control via the dashboard.

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Enterprise-ready Intune

Devicie and Intune have a synergistic relationship. Intune is the foundation on which Devicie is built, and Intune allows Devicie to deliver a mix of security and productivity in a way that has not been possible before. Devicie fully integrates and automates Intune and Azure Active Directory (ADD). This enables best practice, layered security. It also makes Intune enterprise-ready by automating its customisation.

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Resources for security teams

The essential checklist for removing admin privileges

Download your copy of Devicie’s checklist to discover the right way to remove admin privileges without hurting productivity.

Devicie Essential Eight capabilities statement

Learn how Devicie assists organisations in meeting the Essential Eight security controls on end-user devices.

The ultimate guide to secure application management

Get the guide to secure application management to discover a smarter way of managing apps on employee devices.

Turning ‘best efforts’ security into best practice

Devicie employs layered security in line with best practice frameworks, including CIS, ASD Essential 8, PCI DSS and ISO27001. The platform continually reviews the security posture of all end-user devices, looking for configuration drift, non-compliance and potential security exposures. Devicie then auto-heals and re-applies your organisation’s security settings, providing a complete audit trail of compliance. Flexible to meet your security maturity goals, Devicie’s benchmark is to maintain best practice security with an exceptional user experience. However, our solution can accommodate any security model required by your organisation. Devicie will effectively map to any compliance requirements.