Risk and compliance

How do you ensure security compliance in an increasingly evolving threat landscape? With Devicie, compliance is automatically assured with best practice frameworks.

Effortless compliance, extensive reporting

Devicie provides risk and compliance managers with extensive, up-to-date reporting that includes a full device and application inventory, compliance status, warranty information and operational reports. Comprehensive dashboards are at your fingertips, and include all security configurations, updates, patches and privileged access information. The dashboard is always up-to-date with every device across the organisation, and can be viewed in a macro or individual device level.

Reduce the risk of an end-user breach

Maximise end user protection and productivity

Devicie automates endpoint security unobtrusively in the background while ensuring device uptime. Employees no longer need to think about their devices, because they are always secure, up-to-date and configured precisely to suit their mode of working. Even if an attack occurs, it will be contained and pose little value for attackers.

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Prove your compliance goals are being met

Devicie ensures all end user devices are kept up-to-date with best practice security profiles, and automatically applies new standards while maintaining a complete audit trail. With Devicie’s dashboard, you can see every endpoint is up-to-date, continuously monitored and compliance maintained for as long as the device is enrolled with Devicie.

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Uncompromising security is just the beginning

Devicie deploys security as a service in line with best practice frameworks, across your entire employee device fleet. The platform continually reviews the security posture of all devices, looking for configuration drift, non-compliance and potential exposures. It then auto-heals and re-applies your security settings, with a complete audit trail.

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Resources for risk and compliance professionals

Devicie Essential Eight capabilities statement

Learn how Devicie assists organisations in meeting the Essential Eight security controls on end-user devices.

The essential checklist for removing admin privileges

Download your copy of Devicie’s checklist to discover the right way to remove admin privileges without hurting productivity.

How creativity can help ease Australia’s IT skills shortage

By giving IT the space to flex their creative muscles, they can fend off data breaches and help drive strategic innovation.

Turning ‘best efforts’ security into best practice

Devicie employs layered security in line with best practice frameworks, including CIS, ASD Essential Eight, PCI DSS and ISO27001. With Devicie, compliance is automatically assured. Devicie continually reviews the security posture of all end user devices, looking for configuration drift, non-compliance and potential security exposures. The platform then auto-heals and re-applies security settings, providing a complete audit trail of the organisation’s compliance. Flexible to meet your security maturity goals Devicie’s benchmark is to maintain best practice security with an exceptional user experience. However, our solution can accommodate any security model required by your organisation. Devicie’s mature security and compliance posture will effectively map to any compliance requirements.