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Whether you are an SMB or larger enterprise, Devicie can improve your end-user device security and management in a way that works for your team, employees and bottom line.

The challenge with today’s device security and management

End-user device security has become an increasingly important part of any effective cybersecurity strategy. The shift to a distributed workforce has expanded the threat landscape, introducing new risks that need to be addressed to protect data and ensure compliance. At the same time, organisations want to maximise their resources and ensure business uptime.

Slow device onboarding hinders productivity and business continuity

Lack of visibility into the attack surface leads to unmanaged security gaps

Meeting and proving compliance requires expertise and readily available insights

IT resources are stretched doing repetitive, manual device security and management

Devicie works with organisations across multiple verticals

Financial services

Highly regulated industries




Devicie overcomes today's challenges of device security and management

Devicie empowers your team to do their best work in a productive and secure environment:

  • Rapid new hire onboarding with automated secure device set-up, anywhere in the world
  • Extensive inventory and compliance reporting, including a complete audit trail
  • Automated layered security across the fleet in line with best practice frameworks
  • Automation that makes sense, saving time, money and time
  • Liberating your IT team to focus on more strategic projects.

Case study: Safe bet PointsBet

How moving their employee device security to the cloud with Devicie achieved better protection, user experience and efficiency outcomes for PointsBet.