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Developed by a team of experts unrivalled in their depth of security and compliance knowledge, Devicie is simply the only system you can trust to protect your vulnerable end user devices while simultaneously maximising device availability and the employee experience.

Designed and built
 to scale

Because Devicie uses an innovative and infinitely scalable cloud-based provisioning platform, it has the ability to service any organisation from 50 to hundreds of thousands of employees.

Our multi-national customers trust our team’s strength in depth and capability to support multiple organisations, while continuously evolving Devicie’s functionality.

Devicie security technology

We’ve made the paradigm shift from ‘device’ to ‘person’. A legitimate business login from any device, triggers Devicie to take control.

New devices are immediately secured and the user is provisioned with all their apps and files, exactly as they like them.

Existing devices are monitored and updated in accordance with your organisation’s security and IT policies.

Policy security management

Our platform deploys comprehensive, research-backed and trusted security controls and configurations including:

  • Centre for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmarks
  • The Australian Signals Directorate Essential Eight
  • The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • and many more

Complete visual transparency over all your staff devices, wherever they are.

Consistent Personalisation

Devicie provides a transformative, personalised user experience. Your employees’ applications are always ready to use and up-to-date, your files are where you expect them to be and storage and back-up is automatic.

Rapid Deployment

New recruits are online and productive in minutes while existing employees can work effectively on any device, any time, wherever they are located.

Patching & Upgrades

Our platform provides the world’s fastest, automated application packaging and update services. New applications and operating system upgrades are deployed to employee devices to exceed even the toughest policies and regulations.

Frictionless Security

Our people-centric approach unobtrusively applies exceptional security controls on all devices while also optimising the user experience. Your users get everything they need from their device and you get complete visibility and control. Devices are secured without requiring agents or assistance from IT.

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trust Devicie

Tom Rundle Headshot

Tom Rundle - COO

"Maintaining employee devices is no longer labour-intensive. Patching and security configurations are fully automated so we just don’t need to worry about these things anymore."

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