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 on Devicie
  • Employee numbers up by 150%, but IT staff by only 20%, since Devicie implementation
  • New employees and devices are onboarded in just 30 minutes

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Devicie Caters to Compass Group’s Remote Workers
  • Compass Group’s SOE was replicated in just two days and meeting previously unachievable compliance requirements 
  • Devicie scales across hundreds of thousands of workstations and multiple organisations

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Donna Greenfield

“The beauty of Devicie is that it automates device management, regardless of location. Our remote workers can now be self-sufficient and as fully supported as those in head office.”
Tom Rundle Headshot

Tom Rundle - COO

“Maintaining employee devices is no longer labour-intensive. Patching and security configurations are fully automated so we just don’t need to worry about these things anymore.”

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