About us

We’re a team of passionate technology advocates on a mission to secure people’s digital environment. We believe that end users shouldn’t have to be device technology or security experts to operate their digital workspace effectively.

When it comes to organisational IT and security, many organisations and their employees settle for a sub-standard device environment. At Devicie, we’ve never thought that was good enough.

For a long time we’ve been striving to solve the security versus productivity dilemma for organisations and end users, and that’s what led us to create Devicie.

Our founding team Martin McGregor, José Schenardie and Jason Fairburn have decades of unique and complimentary experience. They have each spent many years helpingorganisationsto protect sensitive data, comply with complex regulation and legislation and defend againstcyber attacks.

We believe that organisations and people do their best work when their technology environment is secure and enabling. Devicie’s vision is to make best practice security on employee devices both seamless and optimal.

We are confident Devicie can solve your end-user device security and management challenges, quickly and forever. Devicie is not a ‘best-efforts’ project, but an ongoing workplace as a service solution that will take your end-user security problems away.

We have solved the security versus productivity dilemma for end-user devices

Our solution delivers best-practice security alongside user-centric device management to ensure a positive experience for employees and IT teams.

Uncompromising device security

Layered end-user device security is automated to work seamlessly in the background within an agentless ecosystem built upon Microsoft Intune.

Positive end-user experience

People can work securely and productively from anywhere, on any enrolled device, without fear of being hindered by IT and security interruptions.

Superior operational efficiency

All provisioning, packaging and ongoing patching of end-user devices, operating systems and applications is automated as a service.

Extensive compliance reporting

Organisations gain complete visibility and control across the entire end-user device fleet, including compliance status, warranty information and operational reporting.

Our values

There’s a few values we hold dear and they are at the core of who we are and how we operate. We haven’t slicked them up for you – they come as they are (like us!)

Be honest and respectful

Bring a can-do attitude

Be our best selves, every day

Have empathy, stand in the shoes of others

Grow individual ability and credibility

Stop. Pause. Imagine.